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March 27, 2010


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Nice information, I enjoy to write opinions since the comments brings writers to remain more engaged and for the chance to probably study from each other.

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Thanks for informing about SUNCT, But how severe is it?. I will keep track of the symptoms as I might help some one else.

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It's just now i learned it. Im kinda surprised about the information.

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The lady on the video does not show any neurological abnormality in this video. She flutters her eyelids a lot and the entire left side of her head is bigger than the right, but this is NOT a neurological abnormality.

Treating dental or jaw conditions will´╗┐ NOT help SUNCT syndrome! Take this video with a mine of salt.

Prabu Raman

SUNCT diagnosis came from several neurologists. Can you really diagnose a neurological abnormality watching a video? Skepticism is OK. But is it OK to be dismissive because correcting jaw alignment 'cured' a patient diagnosed as SUNCT? Lots of people dismiss chiropractors as quacks. I don't do that. I send patients to chiropractors for some of my patients and I have been treated by chiros as well. My point is don't be too quick to dismiss this just because it seems far fetched to you. Open your mind. This patient remains symptom free to this day 3 years post op...while she used to get these attacks almost daily. Still think this is far fetched??

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