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February 23, 2013


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Here in Ontario, Botox injections performed by a medical doctor for the relief of headache pain can be covered a little bit by basic medical insurance (OHIP), and even more by some private medical insurances. insurance won't cover this. insurance (or medical or OHIP) won't cover any other types of treatment for headache pain, such as the amazing treatments you (and I) provide for patients in a dental setting. So, I think patients are misguided into this treatment. They would be better served in the long run by having definitive treatment to END their pain, such as the treatment you (and I) can provide. It's a sad situation.

Prabu Raman

So true! Sad indeed. I wonder if these patients are actually given options for treatment from which to choose! If all they have is a hammer.....
If only the patients knew the consequences of Botox better, how many would choose it, even if insurance pays for it?

botox treatment london

This is really good treatment for everybody. I will agree with you. Thanks for sharing your nice experience. Good job.

Prabu Raman

I DISAGREE with the comment that Botox is a 'really good treatment for everybody'. On what basis? For the providing doctor this is quick and easy income. How about the patient? May be, short term symptom relief. But at what cost to health? 'Primum non nocere'- First, do no harm - principle needs to be kept in mind.

Botox treatments

Botox is a FDA approved treatment that has been there for years, helping people reduce wrinkles and many other areas. It is a lot better than surgical treatments, also, there is no recovery time that is needed and it can be repeated too.

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